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Powder Coating Process
Powder coating is a method by which electrically charged powder coating material is spray-applied to a grounded work piece. Electrostatic attraction holds the powder to the part to be coated until heat is added to flow the powder together and cure it. Since powder may adhere to the part for several hours, heat curing can be done at the user's convenience. Should the uncured powder coat become damaged or blemished during handing, the powder can be simply blown off with air or vacuumed , and a new coat applied.
System Components
An electrostatic powder coating system is comprised of a powder feeder, power unit or electrostatic voltage generator, electrostatic spray gun(s),and a powder recovery system.
Feed Center
In the feed unit, powder is diffused by compressed air into a fluid-like state. It is then siphoned out by the movement of high velocity air flowing through a venture and propelled through powder feed tubing to the spray gun. The feeder provides a controlled flow of powder to the spray gun(s).Since powder and air volume are independently controlled, dilution ratios can be adjusted to obtain the desired thickness coverage needed to meet specific production requirements. The feeder can provide sufficient discharge pressure and velocity to feed a gun as remote as 50 feet away.
Power Unit
A high-voltage, low-amperage power unit supplies an electrode at the front of the gun. As the powder leaves the gun, the electrode emits a field charge that is imparted to the coating material as it is propelled toward the part. Once charged, the powder particles are drawn and attach themselves to the grounded work piece. The power unit has sufficient voltage to assure maximum wraparound. Voltage is operator adjustable up to 100KV to minimize Faraday cage effect when spraying in to corners and deep recesses, and to ensure excellent wraparound and surface coverage on all surfaces being sprayed.
Spray Gun
Electrostatic powder guns are designed to shape the spray pattern and impart an electrostatic charge to the powder. The spray pattern is easily configured to accommodate the type of coating used and the shape of the part being coated.
Powder Coating Booth
a) Booth material: stainless steel plate304 201 1.2mm or color coated CRS 1.5mm
b) The base is made of carbon steel
c) Assemble structure, with smooth surface which is easy to clean
d) Auto spray gun position at both sides
e) There is a group of compressed air interface for auto guns at the center control
f) There is a manual gun position with working platform at both sides. Below that position, there is electricity and air interface for the manual gun.
g) At the entrance and exit of the booth, there is shielding to prevent powder overflow because of the compressed air force.
h) At the up side of powder coating booth, there is shrink opening for conveyor running, upside width 200mm and downside width 100mm
i) The booth is designed so as to have a controlled air flow which both enhance transfer efficiency and ensure powder containment.
j) Six groups of lighting (water-dust-explosive proof),illumination intensity≥300lux per group.
k) There is a group of emergency stop button, used to stop conveyor running when failure happens.
Multi-cyclone+ After filters recovery system
a) Multi-cyclone consists of frame, cyclone recovery, fan, vibration sieve ,powder collector box etc. Recycle system keeps reasonable air blow speed and vacuum level in the booth, and it is very suitable to fast color change.
b) Cyclone separator is used to separate the over sprayed powder in the air-flow,the air-powder mixture absorbed from the spray booth is brought to cyclone separator.
c) The working principle of the air-powder mixture. The powder particles are separated from the mixture under centrifugal force, and then fall into powder collector because of gravity. There is sieving device, impurities are removed and qualified powder will be feed back for reuse, the clean air exit from the top. The pressure loss is generally 500-1500pa,suitable for separating the particles over 5Um,and removed efficiency is over 70%.The rotary speed is higher, centrifugal force is bigger, then the efficiency is higher, but to avoid too much pressure loss and high running cost, the air-flow speed at the cyclone entrance should be limited to 8-18m/s.
d) The cyclone and filter module is set at both side of the booth in order to save space.
e) Filter is made of waterproof polyester anti-electrostatic material. Reverse blow device is composed with electronic control gauge and pulse valve. So that the filters can be automatically self-cleaned during working to avoid block up.
f) Recycle rate is up to 98%,and the powder utilization rate is up to 95%.
g) Below the cyclone, powder auto feeds back.
h) When one shift is over. switch off the blower ,the reverse blow self-clean system will keep working till finish the filter cleaning.(the opening of booth shall be closed to prevent powder overflow).
Closed-circuit Powder Supply System
a) Closed powder supply system consists of powder bucket, trolley, electrical powder sieving machine, bracket, powder absorbing lifter, powder supplying pumps and pipeline. The recycled powder and fresh powder are sieved in the electric sieving machine and then fall into powder bucket. there is fluidization bed at the bottom of the powder bucket. the fully mixed and fluidized powder is supplied to auto guns by powder pumps.
b) By the closed powder recycle system, the recycled powder can be supplied to auto guns for reuse automatically, which greatly improved the efficiency and powder utilization rate, reduces the labor intensity.
c) The venture powder pumps to be adopted, make sure the smooth-flowing in the circulation without clogging up.
a) Simple operation
● extremely easy to set/change the stroke by press the button only
● or simply key in required stroke and speed from touch screen
b) Smooth & accurate running
● extremely smooth & accurate running through high-precision and wear resisting metal chain transmission, unaffected by temperature fluctuation
● Eight nylon wheels are adopted with ingenious mechanical structure, ensure equal pressure on the four sides of the column, and minimize vibration during reciprocation
● Auto brake when switched off, no slipping down and restart from exact stopping position
c) Solid and maintenance-friendly
● Upper and bottom limit, self-protection against miss-operation
● Maintenance-free AC motor and gear, with aluminum housing to avoid overheat
● Buffer effect to avoid high-speed return
d) Auto guns move up and down, and a reciprocator can carry guns as required.
e) There are monitor sensors at the entrance of the booth. The reciprocator will start to move automatically when product enter into the booth and will be auto shut down when no load.
Spray guns
a) For each auto booth, it is equipped with auto guns as required on each reciprocator. And there are two sets manual guns for each booth.
b) The auto guns are controlled from the center control panel. It is a PLC system, and everything can be controlled from the touch screen.
Room outside the powder spraying system(suggested to be done by the customer)
a) when the booth is working ,it is under certain vacuum level. It is suggested to build up an outer room in order to reduce the effect from outside
b) The structure is suggested to be composed by carbon steel shelf and polystyrene insulation board.
c) There should be lighting fixture at the ceiling.
d) There should be observation window in the wall.

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