China morden design powder coating oven and booth

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Powder coating plant consists of pretreatment cleaning equipment, powder coating booth, drying oven and curing oven, conveyor system and electric control cabinet.Powder coating will help users to reduce cost and make products’ price more competitive. Main components brand 1 Circuit breaker SCHNEIDER 2 Contactor SCHNEIDER 3 Thermal overload protection device SCHNEIDER 4 Intermediate relay OMRON 5 Powder booth PLC MITSUBISHI 6 Powder booth touch screen SIEMENS 7 Reciprocator Inverter MITSUBISHI 8 Conveyor driving inverter MITSUBISHI 9 Indicated lamp, Button switch SCHNEIDER 10 Curing oven temperature controller OMRON 11 Drying furnace temperature controller OMRON 12 Wire International standard 13 Burner Italy ”RIELLO” 14 Hot air circulating fan SIEMENS motor 15 Spray gun China 16 Circulating fan SIEMENS motor 17 Filter China

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About Us

Our company specilaized in the manufacturing of "Electrostatic Powder Coating Equipment and Complete Painting systems"with 15 years of knowledge and practical experience.

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