Electrostatic portable manual paint spray gun

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Powder Coating Process
Powder coating is a method by which electrically charged powder coating material is spray-applied to a grounded work piece. Electrostatic attraction holds the powder to the part to be coated until heat is added to flow the powder together and cure it. Since powder may adhere to the part for several hours, heat curing can be done at the user's convenience. Should the uncured powder coat become damaged or blemished during handing, the powder can be simply blown off with air or vacuumed , and a new coat applied.
System Components
An electrostatic powder coating system is comprised of a powder feeder, power unit or electrostatic voltage generator, electrostatic spray gun(s),and a powder recovery system.
Feed Center
In the feed unit, powder is diffused by compressed air into a fluid-like state. It is then siphoned out by the movement of high velocity air flowing through a venture and propelled through powder feed tubing to the spray gun. The feeder provides a controlled flow of powder to the spray gun(s).Since powder and air volume are independently controlled, dilution ratios can be adjusted to obtain the desired thickness coverage needed to meet specific production requirements. The feeder can provide sufficient discharge pressure and velocity to feed a gun as remote as 50 feet away.

Power Unit

A high-voltage, low-amperage power unit supplies an electrode at the front of the gun. As the powder leaves the gun, the electrode emits a field charge that is imparted to the coating material as it is propelled toward the part. Once charged, the powder particles are drawn and attach themselves to the grounded work piece. The power unit has sufficient voltage to assure maximum wraparound. Voltage is operator adjustable up to 100KV to minimize Faraday cage effect when spraying in to corners and deep recesses, and to ensure excellent wraparound and surface coverage on all surfaces being sprayed.

Spray Gun

Electrostatic powder guns are designed to shape the spray pattern and impart an electrostatic charge to the powder. The spray pattern is easily configured to accommodate the type of coating used and the shape of the part being coated

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