PE powder dipping painting plant

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The construction of PE powder dipping line:

The whole system is comprising of high temperature preheat oven, powder fluidizing bed, fast lifting device, curing oven and overhead conveyor and so on. PLC control the system together with manual control to be suitable for the commissioning and test. Natural gas heating and stainless steel heat exchanger , hot air indirect heat the part. The powder fluidizing bed is settled in the pit. When the parts are transferred to the dipping location, the lifting device lifts the fluidizing bed speedy. After finish the powder dipping, the fluidizing bed will be back to the normal position. The beating device will clean the extra accumulated powder on the jigs.In order to reduce the lift loading capacity, and increase the lifting smoothness, the fluidizing bed is connected with the clump weight with same weight, the lifting motor and the conveyor motor are controlled by the inverters. The whole line runs in cycle time type, during the conveyor is working , the 4 set of motor-driven insulation doors for the preheat oven and curing oven will be opened at the same time, the conveyor transfers the preheated parts into the powder dipping location ,transfers the powder dipped parts to the curing oven and transfers the cured parts to the cooling location at same time. After finish the cycle time, the conveyor will stop and wait for the next cycle time. Each jig can be loaded 20pcs of steel shelves. The preheat oven can hold 3 jigs and heating 5-10mins, the curing oven can hold 2 jigs and curing 3-5mins. Each cycle time is about 3-5mins. The correct suitable heating time will be fixed after installation and testing by our technicians.


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