Manual Electrostatic Powder Coating Equipment

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Automatic powder spraying booths provide a fast and quality painting solution by making a regular feeding of the paint without any interruption of the plant. Automatic booths are produced depending to customer need as filter type, monocyclone and multicyclone types.

Saving powder paint and human health are our first priority in the production of manual and automatic powder spraying booths that provide to put the whole non-sticked paints within the booth. They can be easily mounted anywhere required, thanks to their ergonomic and disassembled construction.

The guarantee time is 12 months after shipping.Within the guarantee time, the seller should be responsible for quality problem except for man-made damage or problem caused by wrong operation.After guarantee period, the seller will provide necessary support on the customer’s demand and charge reasonably based on material cost

Main components brand
1 Circuit breaker SCHNEIDER
2 Contactor SCHNEIDER

3 Thermal overload protection device SCHNEIDER
4 Intermediate relay OMRON
6 Touch screen SIEMENS
7 Elevator Inverter MITSUBISHI
8 Curing oven driving inverter  MITSUBISHI
9 Lamp, Button switch SCHNERDER
10 Curing oven temperature control OMRON
11 drying furnace temperature control table OMRON
12 Wire National standard
13 Burner Italy”RIELLO”
14 Hot air circulating fan SIEMENS motor
15 Spray gun LIANZHONG
16 Circulating fan SIEMENS motors
17 Powder filter  China


Lead time of manufacturing: 30-60 DAYS

FOB Shanghai or Ningbo Port

 Installation and training 

 We will dispatch our engineers to guide the installation and finish the commissioning and training. All expense(allowance 60USD/day,visa charge ,round trip air tickets, logging and board for our engineers )should be paid by the buyer.

Guarantee and after-sale service

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About Us

About Us

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